Completed Turnkey Projects

Here you can see what the turnkeys order might look like. We made a sketch to finish product comparison. Some asked for changes in colors while keeping the original style of the design. 


You can go to our turnkey page if you are interested in ordering one.

  • Empire ensemble

    Made exactly like the sketch, this coat is made of wool, coton and velvet. We used gold studs and piping to make everything pop. The client asked for an extra embroidery with his guild emblem.

  • Violet Sorcerer

    This turnkey was originaly for women but we made it to the customer measurements to adjust it for him. We used a mix of 3 different purples, black coton and silver trim and piping to give this set it's unique style.

  • The Merchant

    This set was made exatcly like the sketch and was adapted for a broader shouldered man. We used green and charcoal coton, copper piping,studs and rivets and we added lots and lots of satchels, pouches and flasks to make this the perfect merchant ensemble.

  • Alchemist Mage

    The order was for a alchemist dark mage. We used a mix of dark blue and grey coton, silver piping and trims and we added intricate leather armor with alchemy symbols to complet the look.

  • Asian Warrior

    This set was designed for a men but our customer asked us to fit it to her measurements. We made the set exactly like the sketch but we scaled everything for a petite female body.

  • Red Mage

    We were asked to create an elven, blacksmith, mage set and this i what we did. We used lots of embroideries, gold studs and piping, gold and red trim and a mix of intricate carved leather and fabric layers.

  • Lady Feral

    This was made exactly like the original sketch. We used textured fabric, silver piping and trim, black coton and we layered a lot of the pieces to give this it's unique style.

  • Light Priestess

    This set was made exactly like the sketch . We made a tabard, cloak, battle skirt, bolero and veil.

  • Elven Lord

    We made this set to look like the sketch as much as possible. We used a textured fabric for the cloak and vest, put a lot of embroideries, used silver piping and trim and grey linen coton.

  • The Alchemist

    This set was made exactly like the sketch. We used red, black and blue coton, black leather, gold embroideries and piping and we made intricate tooled leather armor to go with it.

  • Green Bull

    The client who ordered this vest was a bit smaller than the model. We adjusted to proportions and made everything fit to his measurements.