Medieval fantasy style

Mixing historical styles with fantasy inspiration, these costumes really are unique and beautiful. They are as various as they are impressive.
  • Empire

    Based in the Bicolinne universe, this set has inspiration from the warhammer univers and medieval times. A mix of natural fabrics and impressive embroideries really makes this ensemble beautiful.

    Photo by Studios. R.Inc

  • Alchemist

    Textureand embroideries are the heart of this set. Inspired by the victorian era, this ensemble is trully unique.

    Photo by Dragonlance Photography

  • Beaux Bâtards

    Mixing historical and modern techniques, this costume is flamboyant and intricate.

    Photo by Thomas Van Velzen

  • Lady Feral

    Fabric, embroideries and trims are the heart of this suit. A mix of tudor inspired hat, italian puff sleeves and fantasy battle skirt makes this all pretty unique.

    Photo by Dragonlance Photography

  • Lansquenet

    Mixing historical lanskenet patterns and fantasy ideas, this costume really embodies the medieval fantasy style.

    Photo by Dragonlance Photography

  • New World

    This costume is based on the Marauder armor from the game New World. It is a mix of elather, natural fabrics and metal armor.

    Photo by Dragonlance Photography

  • The Scholar

    Based on a witch hunter esthetic, this costume combines tailer clothes with intricate armor.

    Photo by Snowii Photography

  • Musketeer

    Inspired by the serie Musketeer, this set mixes leather and metal creating a really impressive look.

    Photo by Soma Photography

  • Merchant

    Sachels, pouches, flasks and parchment. All the tools a merchant needs to be succesfull.

  • Musketeer

    Giving a fantasy vibe to an historical piece is always fun. Velvet, embroideries and trims really makes this unique.

    Photo by Ascension Grandeur Nature