Demons and creatures

Creating creatures out of this world is always something I wanted to do. Using leather, embroideries, trinkets and horns makes these design unique and special.
  • Whisper

    Wondering the mist filled forests, Whisper is a creature of grace and mistery.

    Photo by Benoit Vermette

  • Winter lady

    Etheral and beautiful, the Winter Lady is a faun creature that serves the seasons and it's cycle.

    Photo by Snowii Photography

  • Dracolich

    Undeath is her bane and her misery.

    Photo by Snowii Photography

  • Valha

    This harpy creature lives and the dark forest of the realms.

    Photo by Dragonlance Photography

  • Abyss mage

    Runes and arcane he wields. In the abyss he lies.

    Photo by Feral-workshop

  • Guardien

    Creatures of plants and wood, the guardiens are the protectors of the cycle.

    Photo by Dany Saint-Georges

  • Shaman

    She is a witch, an enchantress who plays with bones and spirits.

    Photo by Hamel Photography

  • Kindred

    Gracefull and curious, Kindred is a creature of myth and mysteries.

    Photo by Snowii Photography

  • Dark mage

    Black magic is his tool, shadows are his friends.

    Photo by Snowii Photography

  • Plague Pirate

    Smoke and poisons she uses in the ports of the realms.

  • Black Widow

    The kiss of death.

    Picture by Snowii Photography

  • Forest Dragon

    Living in the enchanted forests of the realms, this curious creature loves to play tricks on passing humans.

    Photo by Snowii Photography