Here are some quick answer to possible questions.

How to order?

Want to order a custom project from us? It's easy! Contact us on one of our medias or by email. We will send you a custom order chart to complete and a following sketch.

You can contact us on;


What are the prices?

Prices will vary depending on the project. Every project is different and details like embroideries, carving and layers will affect the price.


Are your product size inclusive?

Yes! Since everything is custom made for you, the sizes don't really matter. We will make it fit for you and to your measurements.


 Can I order you products in different colors?

Yes! You can contact us to order a specific product in a custom color.


Are turnkeys already made?

No, turnkeys are ready to order concepts. If you want to see how a already made turnkey project looks like, visit our turnkey portfolio page.

Do you make wedding outfits?

Yes! We can make weddings dresses, armors or outfits.