About us

Valérie Plouffe

Valérie créatrice Feral Workshop

A seamstress by trade, the fantasy and medieval universe has always inspired me. From the beginning, the armors and clothes worn by characters from fantastic films or video games occupied most of my thoughts. I love imagining concepts and seeing them come to life. Starting from a sketch or an idea, selecting the materials and then seeing it all become reality is absolutely fantastic.

In 2016, the idea of starting an armor and costume creation workshop came to me. I never found the style or even the detail I wanted in the products that already existed on the market. In addition, there were not many articles for women and especially not in my size. So I decided to create with my spouse the Atelier Feral Workshop. Since then, we have been creating tailor-made creations together using techniques that we have learned ourselves.

Louis-Philippe Ross Boivin

Louis-Philippe Feral Workshop

Self-taught by nature, I have always sought to understand and learn armor creation techniques. I started by working with leather and making armor and accessories for myself. Over time, I started selling certain items and finally the idea of creating a company came to me. Atelier Feral Workshop was created in 2016 with the help of my wife.

Since the creation of the workshop, 3d modeling has become my new passion. I taught myself and then took a class to become a full time modeler. Challenges are a way for me to learn and evolve until I reach the perfection of my art.