Dwarven style

We use a lot of geometric forms, lines and layers to create these dwarven inspired sets.
      • The Commander

        Made for the front line, this armor mixes dwarven intricate patterns, mobility and elegance.

      • Mountain warrior

        Mobile yet impressive, this armor was made for the mountain warriors of this clan.

      • The smith

        Intricate geometry and metal work makes this armor perfect for any renown smith.

      • The War Chief

        These dwarven inspired helmet and spaulders were made for the front line at Bicolline.

      • Silver Regalia

        Layers, geometric patterns and scale make this armor perfect for a silver king.

      • Golden Regalia

        This full set of armor was made with a queen's taste in mind. Intricate, powerfull and deadly.

      • The Roublard

        Light and confortable, this armor is perfect for the life of a roublard.

      • The scout

        Mobility and swiftness is paramount for a scout. This armor was made to fit all the demands of the profession.

      • The engineer

        Innovators, dwarves are beings who will always be at the forefront. Whether it's their clothes or their forges, their techniques are daring. Dressed in his matching textured gambeson and bonnet, this noble offers us the finest in Dwarven royalty.

        Photo by Dragonlance Photography