Dwarven style

We use a lot of geometric forms, lines and layers to create these dwarven inspired sets.
      • The Commander

        Made for the front line, this armor mixes dwarven intricate patterns, mobility and elegance.

      • Mountain warrior

        Mobile yet impressive, this armor was made for the mountain warriors of this clan.

      • The smith

        Intricate geometry and metal work makes this armor perfect for any renown smith.

      • The War Chief

        These dwarven inspired helmet and spaulders were made for the front line at Bicolline.

      • Silver Regalia

        Layers, geometric patterns and scale make this armor perfect for a silver king.

      • Golden Regalia

        This full set of armor was made with a queen's taste in mind. Intricate, powerfull and deadly.

      • The Roublard

        Light and confortable, this armor is perfect for the life of a roublard.

      • The scout

        Mobility and swiftness is paramount for a scout. This armor was made to fit all the demands of the profession.